About Us

Lemonade opened in 6 Castle Street Strabane on the 20th October 2018 by me! 

If you're a strabane local you may know me from Bejeweled At Soul either on their social media or in store. My second home, my first job and where I spent the best 7 years with the most amazing people!

If not allow me to introduce myself, I'm Megan! fashion lover, coffee and kit kat addict, pink shop owner and queen of organised chaos! 

(100% would recommend the chimmey cones in the Belfast christmas markets!)

I have always been in love with all things fashion. Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford can do no wrong in my eyes and I can hand on heart quote the entirety of The Devil Wears Prada from start to finish (disappointingly a party trick no one has ever asked me to perform) 

I have always dreamed off having my own store, but honestly through that's all it was, a dream!

so I done the sensible thing and got the business degree (i'm going to pretend I was very sensible those 4 years in university, Mum & Dad if your reading, I spent every night in the library, NEVER went out and did not break my tailbone (bum) because i thought I could climb a wall like spider-man) and after got the grad job in the fancy corporate world and was set to start a new life in Dublin.

But as moving day approached I couldn't settle and decided as much as the steady income, paid holidays and work perks were amazing, sitting in a office just wasn't for me! 

so after one facetime call to the parents, one meeting with InvestNI, 2 scary bank meetings, a million property views, countless sleepless nights and a few tears for good measure i had my own shop, the fun began and Lemonade was born! 

I love all things different and chic and spend each season seeking out new and different brands and collections which you won't find else where, I also love re-wearing my clothes and I am a huge believer that clothes should not be bought to be wore only once (they deserve better than that!) therefore a large majority of our pieces can be wore day to night, dressed up, dressed down! 

So whether your shopping with us in store or online, I couldn't thank you more for helping me make my dream a reality! 

Lemonade is still very much a newbie and if i'm honest I am completely winging it but everyday's a school day and I couldn't be happier! 

Megs x